Over the last year I have had to limit my golf to help my son Stan Jr. He was having some heart problems and we had to do open heart surgery in August 2009 and give him a mechanical device called LVAD. This device was to hopefully keep him stable enough until a later date to get a heart transplant.

He made it through 1 year and 3 days till his heart failure and he passed away this August.

I will not only miss him as my son, but also as my best friend. I will miss him helping me from time to time caddying, we had a great time together on the course.

As per my son wishes I will be starting to practice this September and plan to now play golf full time in the coming year 2011.

As soon as the 2011 schedule comes out I will be posting the events I will be trying for this coming year.

I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and support.


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